Yoni & Yochi eagerly await the arrival of their first child.

Aaron Tannenbaum, 94 year-old Holocaust survivor from Italy, mustered up the strength to hold his great-grandson for this shot. #amisraelchai

The greatest gifts in life come in small packages.

A moment of personal reflection at the Western Wall.

Meet Casey & Greg. These stunners met on a Birthright trip to Israel and the rest was history.

I absolutely love capturing the magic of exceptional moments like this one.

Dalia is one of the most impressive people I've ever met and she's only 12 years old.

WE are this boy; struggling to carry the Torah against the backdrop of our past as we take our first steps toward our future.

On the wedding day, greater emphasis is often placed on the bride

Although I would argue that she's objectively beautiful, Avivit doesn't like being photographed.

I've photographed many weddings but yesterday's will forever be ingrained in my mind.